Wood 3D printing

If you intend to 3d print your ideas, you will need to buy plastic filament (the ink used by 3d printers) or you can make it yourself with waste material by some machines like Protpcycler, which enable you to grind scrap plastics such as empty bottles, melt it down and winds it onto a spool and make it ready for 3d printing. (“Popular Science Homepage”, 2017), (Crew, 2017).


There are a wide range of materials for 3d printing; PLA (polyactic acid) is by far the most popular filament. The diversity of blends and colours is seemingly endless.(“30 Types of 3D Printer Filament – Guide & Comparison Chart | All3DP”, 2017)

Nowadays, biodegradable materials turned up to market for example blend of algae and PLA is an environmental friendly, biodegradable material which is similar to sandstone, it is more rigid than other forms of PLA and it needs less energy to 3d print because of low melting point.

 Also, blending PLA by different kinds of wood fibre provides various materials with specific characteristics and it gives life to the objects with the tactile feel of wood. There are many wood PLA blends on the market: Bamboo, Birch, Cedar, Cherry, Cocoanut, Cork, Ebony, Olive, and Pine. Each of the 3d printer filaments is a specific mixture of PLA with wood fibers, although it is not a flexible material, it looks great, especially if it will be processed after printing.

Wood- PLA https://all3dp.com/best-3d-printer-filament-types-pla-abs-pet-exotic-wood-metal/

During my investigation among different materials and polymers which has the potential to be blended with agro waste it seems that PLA is one of the best options I have found yet because it is biodegradable and when it get mixed by wood is strong enough for making furniture and it’s characteristics is similar to wood.


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