Product Design, Cultural Heritage

Here are tow examples of using old architectural elements in product design:

The first one is Riad table, an enhancement of the traditional manufacturing process and graphic motifs of hydraulic tiles. These concrete tiles emerged in Mediterranean Europe in the early 20th century as an industrial response to old mosaic floors. The drawings of Riad are inspired by traditional designs that can be found from the Alhambra of Granada to the Great Mosque of Damascus.(Retail Design Blog, 2017)

The second one is:  Shirin Ehya an Iranian- American designer who used Iranian heritage and mix them with modern art to make her artifacts which reflect the traditional craftsmanship and motifs form Iranian landmarks. Toreutics is the art of hammering, engraving and chasing on metal surfaces. The origins of this craft go back to the bronze ages, however, the 4 thousand years old gold and silver rhytons and goblets found in Iran are among some of the most exquisite samples of this art. Toreutics was widely used to adorn palaces, mosques, saddles, bridles, dishes and other objects. Tabriz and Isfahan are the two major centers of this craft in contemporary Iran.(Ehya Design Studio, 2017)


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